Mykonos, the happy Greek island! Make it a holiday to remember and perfect your Mykonos experience through the most informed LGBT Mykonos travel guide. Gay Mykonos, a creative coordination of IGLTA, Mykonos Accommodation Center and Lifethink Travel, introduce you to the ultimate LGBT travel destination and the utmost party island, sundrenched Mykonos.

An inspiring combination of over 30 years of knowledge and experience in LGBT travel with the timelessly friendly attitude of the local businesses and cutting-edge travel technologies, Gay Mykonos calls for outstanding, absolute Mykonos experiences beyond the superficial aspects, always respecting diversity and equality as the highest values.
Whether it’s for an individual, couples or groups travel, whether it is a romantic escape or simply fun, Mykonos has something for everyone and promises fun in the sun and restless nights out in cosmopolitan ambience.

What about Greece? Is it safe for LGBT travelers?
Situated in the south-eastern edge of the Mediterranean Sea and Europe, Greece is a country blessed with the sun and the sea, boasting some of the most beautiful beaches in the world. Rich in culture and beauty, with a long history from the ancient years and amazing, diverse landscapes and countless islands for all tastes, Greece is the ultimate summer escape.
Findings on ancient Greek sites, portraying gay sex, indicate that there has been a positive attitude on same sex relations from the ancient years.
Today, the Greek state has a policy of acceptance for LGBT couples. There are no laws to prohibit the public expression of your sexual orientation and the Gay Parade and Gay Pride events take place annually with massive participation.

It’s a wide, wide world full of possibilities and dreamy destinations. Why Mykonos?
Mykonos is a cosmopolitan island, rightfully considered as one of the top gay island destinations worldwide. Well, it all started slowly and without attracting any special attention, but Freedom has been always in the spirit of the island.

Even from the 50’s, famous drag queens from New York performed in Mykonos, highly accepted not only from the visitors but also from the local society. As a result, more gay bars and nightclubs opened and gay culture began to spread without problems. The locals had always been open-minded, accepting diversities and considering equality and freedom of choice as great values. From the very beginning, gay and lesbian couples, feel free to walk hand in hand and kiss in public.

Mykonos has always been the happy Greek island. Today, it is the Gay Paradise. With stunning beaches, some of them clearly gay oriented, and a vibrating lifestyle, always radiating elegance and charm, yet ready to inspire your inner party animal, Mykonos island offers numerous gay-friendly hotels, beach bars and clubs in a wide variety of choices.

From Sunset to Sunrise
… is the motto! Mykonos boasts of LGBT friendly services and venues, striving for quality, diversity and the need to offer all gay and lesbian travelers one of a kind, memorable vacations. A greatly inspired blend of upscale services in a whitewashed, sundrenched background creates a real playground for adults!

Life is a beach in Mykonos! Find your selves at the most popular gay and lesbian swimming spots, that have grown to the most elegant hot points. Experience days and nights with salty taste, full of parties, drag queen shows, among eclectic guests in vibrating beach bars that radiate the world-known Mykonos vibe, always with discreet and elegant service.
Give in to Mykonos temptations and tease your palates with authentic local tastes
by the sea at traditional gay-friendly tavernas and surprisingly inspiring restaurants, dedicated in authenticity, great service and attention to detail.

Your accommodation and those intimate moments of privacy deserve only the best! Find you and your other half in 5 star luxury hotels, gay friendly or exclusively gay oriented with outstanding views and facilities. Join sunset cocktail parties, drag queen shows and fine gourmet dishes at their premises and get ready for amazing nights out, where this amazing Mykonos vibe is everywhere!

Free but not risky, easy going but not offensive, lustful but not straight: This is Gay Mykonos and offers the degree of freedom , sophistication and aesthetic quality everyone desires.