Hippie Fish

Where amazing dining meets magnificent scenery

A hot meeting point full of surprises in Ai Yiannis beach!

Hippie Fish Beach Restaurant, blends successfully the traditional Mykonian and Greek cuisine with fun beyond food. Dedicated in authenticity, assurance and rigorous attention to detail, the people of Hippie Fish promise you to experience the real,
open-minded essence of Mykonos.

Hippie Fish combines great food with the philosophy of dining and having fun beyond the dining experience, by provoking surprises and events, so that guests leave with the best memories. Recipes inspired from authentic Greek and Mykonian dishes and the Sushi Lounge are great reasons to believe that in Mykonos, even good food can be … Hippie!

Moreover, the beach and the amazing view to Delos island add up to a magnificent scenery.


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