Jackie O’

the sky is yours

We don‘t remember when we first fell in love with the light, the color of the sea, the rocks and bareness of this island, but it changed our lives. Everything here has clarity, light, history, shape and form given by the elements.
We love to travel, and like you, we look for the unique and unspoiled qualities of our destinations, expect excellent service, honesty and experiencing of the local flair

Mykonos town:
Five years ago we created the JackieO‘ Bar- Mykonos, a special spot located right on the seawall of the old harbor of Mykonos. ‘From sunset to sunrise in style‘ was the motto and we have been blessed with making many new friends there since. The location is elemental; the wind,sun and the sea form a backdrop that is unique the world over.

Super Paradise Beach:
This year we present a new addition to Mykonos‘s fabulous summer beachline-up with JackieO‘ Beach Club in Super Paradise Bay. We have known and loved this area for more than a decade, it has been much of our ‘inspiration‘ in many endeavors. The large rocks and sandy bay are our favorite in all of Mykonos ! Here we created a small ‘Universe‘ with a 150 seat restaurant, large open bar, pool, jacuzzi and private lounge areas, its own church for ceremonies, new JackieO’ boutique and beach front in an almost ancient Greek Amphitheater style, with the turquoise sandy bay setting the stage for the ancient Greek gods of the sun (Helios/Apollon), wind ( Aeolos) and sea to perform (Posidonios) ! The creation took almost 9 month, a true labor of love with its many sculptural elements and view points and we hope you will enjoy the unique ambience of our ‘primitive luxury‘