Myconian K Hotels

the perfect setting for celebrating life

At the end of the rainbow! A charming bouquet of stylish four-star hotels is the perfect setting for celebrating life and creating indelible memories of moments shared.

The Myconian K Hotels, namely Kohili, Korali, Kyma and Kalypso, are just a short walk from vibrant Mykonos town. Enjoying a unique location that offers magnificent sea views and postcard perfect images of the island’s trademark windmills, the Myconian K Hotels are also conveniently located close to some of the island’s best beaches, such as upscale Psarou and popular Ornos and PlatisYalos, as well as legendary Paradise and Super Paradise, both renowned as party beaches that guarantee world-class clubbing throughout the day and night.

After a fun night out our guests are invited to experience the wonders of a nourishing thalassotherapy treatment at our state-of-the-art spa facilities designed to awaken the senses, restore the natural balance of the body and rejuvenate mind and soul.

An ideal choice for romantic getaways or affordable luxury vacations, the Myconian K Hotels are the best value for money in Mykonos, offering special rates, multilevel swimming pools, delicious Mediterranean fare and personalized health and beauty treatments, pampering guests so that they enjoy the island’s cosmopolitan lifestyle and high-spirited revelry to the fullest!

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