Mykonian Mare


Mykonian Mare Hotel is a boutique hotel in Agios Stefanos area. Dedicated to perfection, promises nothing but luxury in the free-spirited, carefree ambience of Mykonos. Mykonian Mare hotel harmoniously blends the sugar-cube style Mykonian Architecture with modern style and technology, while offering amazing views of the Aegean Sea, Mykonos Town, Delos and Tinos Islands. Enter a luscious, flavour packed trip to the Greek and Mediterranean Cuisine and indulge your palates at the hotel’s gourmet Restaurant, “Lokaya”.

Experiment and enjoy amazing cocktails in “Sky bar”, located at the hotel pool. Escape through the hotel’s Boutique & SPA hotel facilities, enjoy Mykonian Mare’s exceptionally personalized services and surrender your mind and body to a world of your well-being. Minimal yet luxurious rooms design, comforts, an uplifting lighting system and exceptional service provide uncompromising indulgence, legendary Mykonian hospitality and the promise of a memory you will always treasure.


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