timeless elegant greek aesthetic

When it comes to fashion, Mykonos is the hot spot where the heart of European fashion beats. There would certainly be no overstatement if one claimed that here is where the new style trends are introduced.

Dimitris Parthenis opened his first store in Athens in 1970. The next venture in 1978 was in Mykonos, a great source of inspiration for the designer, but also the stepping stone for international fame. Vast exporting activity of his creations in Europe and the USA reached its peak with the opening of flagship stores in Brussels and Los Angeles. In the mid 80’s the Parthenis brand had conquered the Greek market and the designer was considered an innovator in his field.

Today the Parthenis look remains timeless and simple with a unisex easy-living feel and a pure elegant Greek aesthetic. Orsalia Parthenis continues her father’s tradition based on the same concept and quality and mood.

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