Mykonos is a cosmopolitan island, rightfully considered as one of the top gay and lesbian island destinations worldwide. The unique natural beauty as well as the particular character of the island combined with the issues of diversity & freedom made Mykonos a preferred choice for gay & lesbian visitors.

Mykonos of today is distinguished not only by freedom, tolerance and respect towards all visitors but also for its turquoise blue waters, sandy beaches, booming nightlife, timeless elegance and unsurpassed social milieu.
Individual freedom and safety is safeguarded during restless days and nights, with unlimited fun in a lively background. Safe solo or couple activities merge with the authentic Mykonian vibe.

Even from the 50’s, famous drag queens from New York performed in Mykonos, highly accepted not only by the visitors but also by the local society. As a result, many gay and lesbian bars and nightclubs opened and G & L culture began to spread without complications. The locals have always been open-minded, accepting diversities and considering equality and freedom of choice as standard values. Gay and lesbian couples feel free to walk hand in hand and kiss in public.

As the president of the Mykonos Tourism Committee, I more than welcome Mykonos’ participation at the IGLTB – Pink Pavilion, and so do all the members of the newly-elected municipal authorities of the island.

The warmest welcome & best wishes from the Mayor Mr. Konstantinos Koukas himself, the members of the Mykonos Tourism Committee and the community of the hottest Greek island, to all of you, past and future, visitors of our island